Friday, March 27, 2015

Hello Spring Savings

Moda Luxe Bag c/o

Iowa seems to be welcoming spring a little early this year and definitely on board with Mother Nature. This sunshine and 60+ days have been such a warm welcome. I’m so antsy sitting inside all day when all I want to do is go outside! I’m officially shedding my winter layering and opting for a few of my lighter, springtime favorites.  As most of you know, I just moved into a new house—hello redecorating fun—and I’m planning a wedding which leaves my spring clothing budget a little lower then I’d like. I’ve opted for smarting shopping at discount stores like Gordmans! Not only do they have great clothing items at such low prices—I’m pretty sure this top was like $12! Hallelujah!—but they also have such cute stuff for home. I’ve picked up so many new d├ęcor pieces for my house recently. If you’re like me and need/want to save a few bucks, I highly recommend taking the Gordmans route. Plus they ALWAYS have coupons. Yay coupons! Find a 20% off coupon below. Happy shopping!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday Wishlist 3/25

I am loving this bright and colorful dress on Piperlime that is currently on SALE! I have never seen the classic polarized Ray-Bans at a discount until today! I bought a few other accessories while online shopping like this Michael Kors bag and Marc Jacobs watch from Nordstrom. My motivational mug just might get me through this move! Happy Wednesday everyone! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pink Trench Coat

Jackson and Hyde Clutch 

Today is going to be short and sweet because it’s such a crazy week for me. Remember last week when I told you we had to be out of our house earlier than expected, we’ll not we’re moving out right now. I’ve moved so many times I’m practically a pro at this point. Brandon and I are going to put off building our house for a few months to see if our schedules slow down a little. So for now, we bought our first investment property—a 4-bedroom townhome—to live in while we figure out our lives right now. With the blog, Brandon building custom homes and me designing interiors with our customers, plus Brandon’s golf, the dogs, planning the wedding, oh and my fulltime day job, I couldn’t even imagine trying to build a home of our own. So instead of rushing it and doing it sloppy to get it done, we made the grown up decision to buy the townhome, move in for a bit while things settle and then start building. We’ll rent it out when we move into our next house late this year or early next…who knows at this point. So if you live in the Des Moines area and are looking to rent in the next 8-12 months, let me know! Anyway, now to the outfit. The weather took a turn for the worst and the temps dropped down a bit cooler then I’d like them to. I’m back to sweaters and layers. But I’m incorporating a few of my springtime favorites so I don’t go totally crazy, like this pink trench coat. I’m sort of obsessed with it. And the price!