Monday, September 22, 2014


Zara Blazer (Similar)

Happy Monday! It was a much needed relaxing weekend to get a few things figured out. There's nothing better than feeling like your got your head screwed back on tight. I wore this outfit to do a little shopping in on the Upper East Side in New York. After constantly being dressed up, it was nice to throw on some jeans and sneakers

Friday, September 19, 2014

NYFW: Do you

Dolce Vita Boots (40% Off!)

I know I've said over and over how awesome Fashion Week is—and it is—but today I'm getting real about the uglier side of this industry. After three seasons at NYFW I feel like I have a good grasp of what to expect when I go. I have a love hate relationship with this industry and this season, Fashion Week did two things for me. One, it made me hate it but even better, two, it inspired and drives me to always be me regardless of what city I'm in, who I'm with and what I'm doing. Yes, Fashion Week is held in high regards as some glamorous occasion and it can be but more often then not it's blistered feet (not fun) and running around like a mad person sweating (September) or freezing (February). There's nothing glamorous about the hard work that goes into a successful Fashion Week.

I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to go for my day job and be able to cover backstage beauty, sit at shows and visit showrooms. It's the behind-the-scenes stuff that's truly inspiring, not the parties or gaggle of top bloggers standing at Lincoln Center (not smiling) getting snapped by top street style photographers. Have we forgotten how to have fun? The people behind the scenes aren't glamorous or even worried about what people think of them. They're there to work and create the beautiful looks that walk down the runways. I don't think as bloggers we truly appreciate the creative beauty and art that's presented. More often then not we're too worried about what row we got seated in than the actual show. The effort girls go to, to gain status is so uncomfortably awkward. It's too much of a power struggle. And for what? To gain a few extra Instagram followers? It shocked me this season to see just how different people act when they're around certain people or at Fashion Week events. Some think entirely too highly of themselves while some put themselves below others (Always be an equal!). This season just felt disingenuous. I saw way too many blogger take things too serious and it definitely made me take a step back and evaluate the situation and  honestly, think about why I was in this industry in the first place. Not kidding, it put me in a bad mood at points to even be there. Fashion should be fun! That's when I kicked myself in the butt and said the hell with it—aka that's when all of the dance videos on Instagram were posted. 

I've now had exactly a week home from New York to decompress and ponder what the hell happened this season. After almost letting it bother me, I've decided to truly make the best of this really amazing life experience. Besides inspiring my wardrobe, this season inspired my soul to do me—no matter what. I'm in this industry to be inspired and inspire others. That's what motivates me. I refuse to get caught up in this madness. And if anything it only made my skin a little thicker and my mind more open. If you're reading this on this lovely Friday (TGIF!) promise yourself to always be you. I guarantee you that you're more fun when you are you're true authentic self. Cheers to being you and cheers to the freakin' weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

NYFW Day 3: Folk Tee

It's Thursday which means it's so close to the weekend! I can't wait to do absolutely nothing Friday night and Saturday—I have work meetings Sunday. The boyfriend and I are having a much needed casual date night and seeking some serious r&r while enjoying this pre-fall weather. I'm definitely ready to start cozying up in some oversized comfy sweaters, drink lots of hot apple cider and bake tons of treats. My mouth is watering just thinking of carmel apples, candy corn, cookies, and tailgate food. Last night I planted mums in my flower pots and put out pumpkins from my parent's garden. I just love fall so much. I also love getting my hands dirty planting flowers...haha I'm not alone right? Tonight I'm styling another shoot for Juice Magazine and then I'll be counting down the hours to Friday! If you're curious to see how my NYFW day 3 went, check it out hereP.S. Yes, I know,I'm such a good dancer and this scuba skirt from Topshop is so amazing...and that price—get it, girl.