Monday, February 24, 2014

Iowa Coffee Date

This past week was seriously cray to the max. I haven't felt this busy—ever! With the relaunch of Midwest Bloggers, my day job, trying to finalize Go Blog Social stuff, my blog, my family, my dogs, my freelance work, plus a ton of other big announcements coming soon, i've been sleepless, food-less and down right exhausted. Is it sad that I'm contemplating hiring a cleaning service, a laundry service and a grocery shopper? I'm definitely okay with admitting I need help. While I love all of the work I do, I feel like it's almost time for another vacation already. The one thing I loved about this weekend was the Iowa Bloggers Coffee Date that Sam and I organized. I love networking, sharing my blogging tips and meeting amazing Iowa talent. If you're an Iowa blogger, I hope you join us for our next coffee date! Have a wonderful week readers!


  1. I keep seeing ripped black jeans and I'm becoming obsessed with them! Yours are so cute!


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