Thursday, April 10, 2014

Floral Peplum

Things have literally been crazy lately. From Go Blog Social to my 23rd birthday, a blog redesign, my day job and my countless other jobs, I'm exhausted! I'm dreaming about my next vacation—Mexico, Florida and Hawaii can't come soon enough. But this weekend I'm heading to Illinois to celebrate Sam's bachelorette party. I'm getting to that age where all of my friends are engaged or getting married. I feel so old...old and tired LOL. HAPPY THURSDAY! 


  1. Your jeans are so chic! Love your top as well!

  2. Old and tired, haha! Try being literally old-30-and still tired! Haha :)

  3. I'm still in love with the peplum trend, and your floral version is so pretty! I love how you styled it too! :)