Tuesday, August 12, 2014


This summer has been pretty crazy in both my personal life and work life. Its been by far my biggest test. Things have happen, life lessons learned and I've taken a big step back to look at life from an outside perspective. Sometimes you have to believe that life's little mishaps are only blessing in disguise. Growing up is strange and quite imperfect.  We are only humans after all and some things are just bigger than we are.  With everything that has happened, I'm left feeling wanderlust wanting to explore those things bigger than I am.

Photography: ElizabethCarrie 

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  1. This is such a gorgeous outfit,I had to pin it!(: I love the addition of the hat that changes the vibe of the outfit completely!(:

  2. Love, love this outfit! These pictures are gorgeous with the sun behind you. Even though it's hard to go through things at the time, I always believe I'll look back on this time years later and it will all make sense why it had to happen that way. Hope you're having a great day, pretty lady:)